Legacy Youth 

Our goal in the Legacy Youth Group is to love Jesus with all we have and to provide a safe, fun, and purposeful space for teens to do just that. We focus our meetings on spiritual growth, missions in the community, and fellowship with one another.

Legacy Youth Meeting Times

We meet the on Sunday nights from 4:00-6:15 p.m. Everyone meets together to watch/read/act out the lesson for the night. Then the group is split into small groups divided by junior high and senior high depending on the number of teens who attend.  Snacks are provided throughout the night and is filled with laughter, discussion, prayer, fun, and most of all community.  Here is what each Sunday is about:

Spiritual Sunday

This is a Sunday where we discuss specific Biblical prospective that are relevant to what our teens are dealing with in their everyday lives. We spend the entire youth time reading from the Bible, watching videos on the same topics discussed & having group discussions. Some topics don’t have a video to go along with them & we create our own videos in hopes of having a better understanding of the biblical perspective & helping other youth groups with their lessons as well.

Fellowship Sunday

We like to have fun & hang out. We play games, watch movies, go out to eat & much more.

Mission Sunday

This is a day that we dedicate to serving others whether we help make homeless bags to hand out or volunteer in at an animal shelter. Anything that we can do to help serve or better our community is our mission.

In addition to our weekly meeting times, we have a variety of gatherings that we provide for our teens to gather, grow and go!  If you are interested in joining us or just seeing what’s going on in our world contact Ann Thomas at annathomasotl@gmail.com or check out out Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/waldheimyouth 

Pool Party September 10th, 2017

  Legacy Youth on the Move

Community Volunteer Project at Angel Grove Ranch

September 24th, 2017