Gather – GROW – Go

The mark of a Christian is a transformed life.  Those who experience God’s grace are forever changed.  As believers, we are continually undergoing a process of improvement, which is known as sanctification.  Essentially, we strive to love God more with our whole selves and to become more like Christ.  We grow by God’s grace in the midst of the community of believers. The founder of the Methodist tradition, John Wesley, wrote and taught extensively on ways one could grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ and with each other.  Whether you describe yourself as…

  • Exploring what you think about God and Christianity
  • Growing in your faith in Jesus and want to learn more about how to follow Him
  • Follower of Christ, desire to keep growing, and want to invest in others through your spiritual gifts

…our desire is to help you grow in ways that connect your daily life with your spiritual journey.   Start off your day by reading the posted devotion posted below.  There are several groups and studies we offer throughout the year, both short-term and long term.  We offer information about what it means to join the church.  You can always see what’s going on in the life of the church by checking our calendar.


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A Forest of Faith

In the 1940’s Floyd Smith ordered a small packet of bamboo shoots in the mail and planted them on his property in Prattville, Alabama.  Today, his land is preserved as a country park, and visitors can enjoy what is now a thick bamboo forest with plants standing over sixty feet tall.

Jesus compared God’s kingdom to small things that grow big.  In today’s passage he likened the kingdom to a tiny mustard seed that grows into a very large plant and to yeast that spreads through the entire dough.  The works of Jesus began with a small group of humble followers in Galilee, but his message soon spread across the globe.

Our efforts, though they may seem small, over time may be used by God to accomplish great kingdom building.  Like the small packet of bamboo shoots that grew into a forest, as we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and sow seed of faith in others.  We may think that our part in God’s kingdom is small; but God can turn our little into much.

Thought for the Day: God can grow small seeds of faith into a forest.